Today is my 13th Diaversary (diabetes anniversary)! This is significant for 2 reasons:

1. Since my 25th birthday was a few days ago, I now have officially lived more of my life with diabetes than I have without.

Image from mitzvahmarket.com

2. In the Jewish tradition, your 13th year is when you have/become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It’s a religious ceremony and celebration of a person reaching maturity and accepting the responsibilities and commitments of the Jewish faith. After the religious service, most people have a party or some sort of celebration. Where I am from, a typical component of the party was the candle lighting ceremony. During this time, the Bat Mitzvah celebrant would recognize and thank all the people who helped her and who have a great influence in her life. The person is called up to help light their candle. In recent years, it has taken on the tradition of being done in the form of short poems.

So in honor of my Diaversamitzvah (diabetes+anniversary+bat mitzvah), I would like to take this opportunity to thank in a similar manner, all those who have helped me during the past 13 years.

13 years ago on this day,
Type 1 diabetes came my way.
Although its been hard and a lot to take in,
I know that I’ll never let my diabetes win.

To my parents, I dedicate candle number one,
You’ve always been by my side, even when it was no fun.
Your help, love, and support mean the world to me,
Diabetes won’t stop me, this you helped me to see.

My sister, you get candle number two,
You are my best friend, your loyalty is true.
Of the needles and blood, you were never afraid,
You never hesitated to come to my aid.

Extended family, candle number three is for you,
Your loving concern is clear in all that you do.

Number four goes to all the doctors I’ve had,
You’ve helped me so much, through the good and the bad.

My blood sugar meter gets candle number five,
For perfect numbers, you help me to strive.

Candle number six is for my insulin pump,
Without you I know I’d be stuck in a slump.

My CGM Gigi, you get candle seven,
Having you to help has been pure heaven.

All of my friends, candle eight is for you,
The highs and the lows, you’ve all helped me through.
You know what to do when I drop low or high,
A favor you’ll do even without asking why.

The DOC, please light candle nine,
Your virtual support has helped me to shine.

Candle ten is for my delicious fruit snack,
Whenever I’m low, you always have my back.

Candle eleven is for my insulin which I can not exclude,
because without you, insulin, I’d certainly be screwed.

I dedicate candle twelve to sugar so sweet,
A greater love/hate relationship, you’ll never meet.

My final candle goes to one kind of strange,
to my broken pancreas, someday that will change.

Happy Diaversamitzvah to me on this day!
Happy and healthy, this is the way I will stay!

If I was really designing a card, I’d put the
Diabetes blue circle and a jewish star

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