Apple Snob

Today I realized that I am an apple snob. Not an Apple snob, although honestly I might be that too, but the kind of apple that you find in the grocery store. I’ve known for some time that I am very particular when it comes to apples, but today it was confirmed. If it’s not a Honeycrisp apple, then pretty much forget about it.

I had just finished my workout and was experiencing another low blood sugar, 49 (ughhh!). One of the symptoms of a low can be hunger. However, I wasn’t experiencing normal hunger, it was this insatiable appetite that made me want to go into the kitchen and just binge on crackers or chips or whatever else I could find. I had already treated the low with my fruit snacks, but the hunger remained, like a bottomless pit in my stomach. When this kind of hunger from a low strikes, the best solution is an apple. Apples are healthy, filling, and satisfy that urge to just crunch on something. Luckily, I had one apple in the fridge with my name on it.

I took a bite. Woah, this is NOT a Honeycrisp. It was missing that perfect combination of sweetness, firmness and tartness. This apple was definitely not crisp and was not living up to the high apple expectations that a true Honeycrisp apple had set.

So how do I know that I am an apple snob? Because I couldn’t even get myself to finish the apple! Let me remind you that my motivation for eating the apple in the first place was not for taste or enjoyment, it was to satisfy the symptoms of my low blood sugar, but yet I still was refusing this perfectly average apple.

While I am quite aware that it is past Honeycrisp Apple season, I either need to track them down or find a suitable replacement because whatever imposter was in my fridge today is just not cutting it.

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