Maybe you have Type 1 Diabetes yourself or you know someone who does. Maybe you’re interested in what it’s like to live with diabetes or maybe you stumbled on this blog by accident. No matter why you are here, I’m glad you are.

I earned my master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan and work for an awesome global health and consumer company. I’m learning that things don’t always work out the way that you imagine, but you have to make the best of it. That’s kind of how I view living with T1 diabetes. I didn’t choose to get this disease, but since I have it, I’m doing everything I can to live the life I imagine. That’s a life full of adventure, travels, laughter, love, culture, food, adrenaline, new experiences, passion, art, learning, teaching, giving, friendship, philanthropy, and fun.

Living with a chronic disease is not easy. It takes work and everyday is a struggle. Even after 15 years, I’m still learning and making mistakes. But I’ve learned a lot and know that there is much to be learned from others. I’m just as interested in learning from other people’s experiences as I am about sharing my own.

This blog is for me to share my thoughts and experiences living with Type 1 Diabetes. The good and the bad, and the ups and the downs (kind of like my blood sugar).


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  1. Thanks for the spooooky halloween piece – made my laugh when I needed it. And thanks for sharing the trials and tribulations of using the 670g. These “little” annoyances, like sensors not working after a short time, and the increased bolus not doing a great job controlling high BG. It’s good not to feel alone. I’ll be coming back to read!

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