A1c Anticipation

Feb 26, 3:45 pm:

I started this blog almost 3 months ago to the day. It was the day of my last appointment with my endocrinologist. When my endo told me my A1c number (8.0), I was angry. I was tired of it being too high and not where I wanted it to be. I was scared, I don’t want to be putting myself at a higher risk for complications. This blog was in part started as a way to hold myself accountable, to keep myself focused and on task to reduce that number.

So how have those 3 months gone? I’ve been trying! I honestly have! I keep close tabs on my CGM, trying to catch my blood sugar before it rises or correcting as soon as I see that it’s high. I’ve been trying really hard to change a habit and have started bolusing before my meals instead of after. And although I didn’t think it was possible, my diabetes has been on my mind now more than ever. Is there more I could have been doing? Of course, there always is. But I’m hoping that what I have done will have a positive result.

With my appointment with my endo tomorrow, I’m nervous. I feel like I’ve been studying for an exam, but despite all my efforts, I still won’t get that A. I want something to show for all the effort I put in. I want that A1c number to go down, I need it to. I need to believe that all the time, work and trouble is worth it and that it makes a difference.

Feb 26, 9:45 pm:

I decided that I would upload my CGM data to the computer and print out a few graphs to take with me to my appointment. My doctor brings printouts with her, but she doesn’t typically look at the CGM graphs (which honestly makes no sense to me) so I wanted to have some with me that I could refer to. I uploaded the data and clicked through the different graphs and charts, however I did not like what I saw. Somewhere it said my average blood sugar over the past 3 months, 182. I looked it up online, an average bg of 182 corresponds with an A1c of about 8.0. I couldn’t believe it. That’s what I was at my last visit, how was it possible that with all my hard work, it didn’t go down at all?! I went to bed discouraged, fighting back tears of frustration.

Feb 27, 11:00 am:

I sat in the exam room, waiting for my doctor to come in. The anticipation building, all I wanted to know was what my A1c number is. The doctor sat down. She pulled out a piece of paper, showing trends in my blood sugar. “These numbers are looking really good, much better than our last visit. How do you feel?” I told her how hard I’ve been trying, the few trends that I’ve noticed (using the printout from my CGM that I brought with me) and how I felt that my blood sugars have been improving. “Hmm, it looks like you’re A1c isn’t showing up in the system yet.” Of course it wasn’t. We talked a little more and eventually she left the room to go check what it was. Finally! Here was the moment of truth.

She walked back in, a smile on her face. 7.2! Are you serious?! I was so happy! My doctor congratulated me. We’ve been aiming for 7.0 and this is by far the closest it’s been in years! YEARS!! And it’s the biggest drop I’ve had between appointments. Yes I know 7.2 is not ideal, I still have a ways to go to bring it closer to 6.0, but this is huge for me! I’ve been struggling for so long to get it below 7.5. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to lower my A1c by .5 in 6 months and here I have just lowered it by .8 in 3 months!

Every single day living with diabetes takes work. It’s the best feeling knowing that all the extra effort and attention that I’ve been paying to my diabetes paid off. Now I just need to continue this trend. Hopefully next time I can get it below 7.0. 🙂

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