Diabetes Blog Week Day 5: Dream Diabetes Device Wildcard

Today instead of swapping diseases, like today’s topic, I’m going to swap topics. 

Tell us what your fantasy diabetes device would be. Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc. The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?

I’m going to start by saying that I do not want another device to carry around. Between my pump, meter, CGM, and phone, that is enough devices to have with me all the time. Here’s what I do want. I want an app on my phone that integrates everything on to one platform. But it’s not just going to store blood sugar numbers and insulin doses, oh no. This app is quite sophisticated. This kind of technology has not even been invented yet, that I know of (this will be awesome to read 5 years from now when this dream is a reality). Let me paint you a picture.

You’re out to eat and you ordered this amazing Mexican dish. You aren’t quite sure how many carbs it is though. There’s the rice and the beans, the tortilla, the filling, etc. Maybe you can make a pretty close estimation, but it’s still just a guess. You take out your phone and open the DiaBites App (pronounced die-ah-bite-ees, patent pending).

You take a picture of your food using the camera in the app. Presto! DiaBites brings up a screen that tells you exactly (Yes, exactly! This is my dream device) how many carbs are in the food that is right in front of you. It also breaks down the other nutritional information (calories, sugars, fat). 

But that’s not all this app does! You scroll down. DiaBites tells you exactly how much insulin you should give yourself. You look at the number it’s telling you to bolus. Wait, that seems a little low for all that food. That can’t be right. Don’t worry, it is! DiaBites also takes into account your active insulin and your current blood sugar number. How does it know this information?! It wirelessly collects this information from your pump and CGM. You now know exactly how much insulin you need to give for that delicious Mexican meal.

The DiaBites app has other great features. As it collects your glucose numbers, basal rates, and boluses, it charts your trends and can alert you in text format when you’re blood sugar is too high or low, as well as when it’s rising or dropping at a fast pace. This is similar to current CGM’s although you are able to see and customize the alerts on your phone. The app will also recommend insulin doses based on your calculations to correct for the number. For D-parents, you can set the app to receive text updates from your child’s CGM. You’ll be alerted on your own phone when your child’s blood sugar is above or below the level you set, no matter where your child is. 

Numbers, graphs, charts, and pictures can all be sent to you or your doctor’s email with a push of a button. No more manual tracking of exactly what you ate, how much insulin you gave, and your pre and post blood sugars. DiaBites compiles all this information (including pictures of all your meals) for you in an easy to read daily journal which can be downloaded quickly and easily or uploaded directly from your phone. Don’t worry, you can select if and which pictures to send, just in case you don’t want your doctor to know about that piece of cake.

DiaBites the App, coming soon to iPhone and Android (I wish!!!)

Image from Blogchef.net- Smothered Burrito Recipe


5 thoughts on “Diabetes Blog Week Day 5: Dream Diabetes Device Wildcard

  1. Oh, just heaven! Some of that isn't even unrealistic. (the carbs from a photo will probably never happen… )

    What a lovely, lovely idea. I like how you took the dream part seriously here!


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