I haven’t been able to formulate much of a blog post lately, my apologies. So instead, I decided to take the diabetes related happenings in my life during the past week and summarize them into two lists: the Diabetes Frustrations and the Diabetes Triumphs:

Diabetes Frustrations

  • For the past week or two, I’ve noticed that my blood sugar has been sky rocketing after I eat even though I haven’t changed my carb counting or insulin dosing. Basically I’m not doing anything different from what I have been doing, but my bg numbers are going crazy! Pretty much every time I pick up my CGM, my reaction is WTF! I just don’t understand it. On top of that, I keep waking up in the middle of the night in the 300’s and feeling sick. I’ve been going to sleep at a perfectly fine number and still wake up high in the middle of the night. Not sure what’s going on, but it’s becoming incredibly frustrating.
Grumpy Cat seemed fitting
  •  On a related note, why is it that I never fail to hear my CGM go off in the middle of the night when my alarm is set at 180 and I’m at 186, but when I’ve been over 300 for hours….silence?! 
  • A couple of days ago, I had exactly enough time to workout, shower, change, and then leave so that I wouldn’t be late for a dinner party. But of course I had to have a low (35) after my workout that threw everything off. My lows have the best timing! With no time to spare and now running behind, I ended up taking my gatorade in the shower to make sure that my bg would start going back up. Seemed like a good idea at the time…
  • At said dinner party, someone made this lovely comment in reference to the desserts, “I’m going to have diabetes when I finish this all.” ARGH! I kept my mouth shut, I just didn’t feel like getting into it. My friend standing next to me looked right at me when he said it. She knows and understands how much I hate that statement. Glad someone does!
  • While playing with my dog on my bed, I scooted backwards on my stomach and an infusion set that had been in for less than 24 hours fell completely off. Love when that happens. 
  • I got a letter from my endo’s office saying that my appointment date and time had changed as well as my doctor. Confused, I called to see why I had a different doctor listed. Turns out that the endo I’ve been seeing for the past few years decided to stop seeing patients! Grrrrrrr, thanks for the heads up! Of course this has to come right after the best A1c I’ve had in years. Unfortunately with all the extended highs I’ve had lately, I know my A1c is going to jump way back up. I’m pissed that my first appointment with a new doctor that I now have to find has to be an appointment where my A1c is going to be much higher than I want and not reflective of the hard work I had been doing.
  • I decided to sleep in on my day off after staying up late the night before. However, I was woken up by my mom who was concerned that something was wrong. She thought that I may have passed out, because I wasn’t awake before 10. No Mom, I’m not unconscious, I’m just sleeping. But, I do appreciate the concern, and thanks for checking.
  • CGM, stop with the “???”! It’s not helpful and I don’t know why you are confused!! 
  • And to top it all off, last night my CGM sensor, which had been in for only 1 day, came off in my sleep. It was in a new place and I guess all the tossing and turning knocked it off. Lovely.
Diabetes Triumphs

  • Finally remembered to change my lancet.
Ugh, it’s just been one of those weeks…
Thanks for letting me vent. But since it’s Wisdom Wednesday

11 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. Hang in there Reva! (I'm all too familiar with these kinds of days :). On that note, off to change my lancet because it's been way too long (thanks for the reminder 😉


  2. Man, what a bunch of crap to deal with. I'm sorry. Hopefully getting it out there and off of your chest helped you feel better at least.

    I have to say, I was totally expecting an almost equally balanced diabetes triumphs list from you. Had to chuckle at what it actually was! 🙂


  3. I'm sorry about all of your highs. I wonder if it's the heat? I've been in the same boat and it sucks. Nothing has changed for me, except for the heat wave and some serious work related stress. I eat the same thing every morning and the last few days high as a kite. Afternoons are not going so well either, not sure if it's all work related stress right now or the heat. Yuck!

    Comments someone makes about eating something and that causing them to develop diabetes, yup, huge pet peeve! Unfortunately my so called BFF still does it after I've had it for 5 years. She just doesn't even try to understand any of it, and she wonders why we aren't so close anymore.

    Last week I went through two infusion sites in a 24 hour time span myself! I changed it Thursday night and Friday morning at work the tubing got tangled in the bathroom stall door handle and ripped it out.

    I feel ya girl! I hope things get better for you over the next week and maybe you will be surprised by your A1C. 🙂


  4. Wow you are right there with me, glad I'm not alone! I've never considered the heat before, but it was exceptionally hot when it was so high, interesting. Tubing around the bathroom handle sounds painful! I don't even take an extra infusion set to work, I don't know what I would have done if that happened to me, I probably should start. And yea, I hope I'm pleasantly surprised with my A1c but I'm preparing for the worst.

    Thanks Jessi!


  5. Aww…did you ever figure out why your blood sugars were high? Have they come back down to normal? I hate weeks like that but it can be so nice to let it out and vent. I'm with Scott, I was also expecting a similar length list for triumphs and laughed as well when I saw it was just the one, but hey changing the lancet is a huge triumph!


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