Forever Valentine

Dear Forever Valentine,

You chose me. The gorgeous ring on my finger reminds me every day. Later this year, in front of our family and friends, we will forever be bound together.

You chose me. I don’t think either of us could have predicted this. We lived in the same college town for years, our paths never crossing. We lived our separate lives, with our separate friends, and separate interests. But perhaps feeling like something, someone, was missing.

You chose me. Or better yet, you swiped me. Brought together by technology, your words drew me in. Your cute, but elusive smile made me want to stay.

You chose me. With you, things felt easy. But life is not easy. Life throws you challenges, and devastating loss, and choices that cut to the core, that emphasize our differences. But with you by my side, we face each obstacle, together.

You chose me. To share your interests and passions with. To share your goals and your fears with. To start a family and grow old together.

You chose me. And you chose my diabetes. Because we are a package deal, we are intertwined so deeply- physically, mentally, emotionally. You see my diabetes, I see your worry. But you also see past it, you see me.

You chose me. And I chose you. Forever, Valentine.

vday pump

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