Sleep walking has nothing on Low walking


That incessant beeping. Make it stop!!

I rolled over. I could see the “LOW Under 55” flashing on Gig’s screen (my CGM). As I slowly started to come out of my sleepy state, I could feel the symptoms of my low becoming increasingly stronger. I felt around on my night stand for a pack of fruit snacks, knocking my water bottle and kleenex box on the floor in the process. I ripped the packet open, pouring the contents in my mouth still half asleep. What time is it? 3:34 am, great. I laid there chewing my fruit snacks when all the sudden I got this sudden craving for something crunchy.

I don’t have a ton of these type of lows, but there are some where I just become ravenously hungry. It wouldn’t matter if I just ate an entire Thanksgiving meal, these types of lows make it feel like I haven’t eaten in days. It was exactly what I was experiencing.

i'm hungry gif

I wanted an apple. I had to have it. I rolled out of bed. Disoriented from the low and from still being half asleep, I lumbered towards the door, running into my chair and tripping over the clothes on the floor. I felt like a zombie being compelled by a carnal need. Fooooooood. Must have fooooood.

I knew this low was bad. There are very few that get me out of bed and downstairs to the kitchen in the middle of the night. Now this is where low blood sugars can be dangerous for another reason. You literally want to eat everything in sight. And no, not just sugary foods, everything.


I stood in front of the open fridge. Where do I start?!

This is about the time where “Rational Reva” must have woken up and decided to join in.

“Woah woah woah. Put back that tub of ice cream. You can’t eat that whole thing. Do you know how many calories are in that?! Seriously.”

Ughhh fine. I took out a container of cut up watermelon. Binge eating watermelon is fine right?! After about the 10th piece I started to look around the kitchen for something else. Jackpot. I found a small baggie of Chicago mix popcorn- cheddar and carmel flavor. Before I knew it, the bag was empty. Maybe a few wheat thins. Ooooo junior mints, there’s a box in the freezer!

Rational Reva chimed in again. “You are going to feel sick. Do you realize what you just ate?? Cheese popcorn, watermelon and chocolate. Gross. AND you totally just ate way more carbs than you needed. You really should give some more insulin for all this food.”

Yea, yea. I took out my pump and bolused some amount of insulin and headed back upstairs to sleep. My stomach started grumbling, clearly it had enjoyed my super snack session less than I had. I somehow managed to fall back to sleep.



I awoke to the lovely buzzing of a high blood sugar. I picked up my CGM and saw a large spike in my blood sugar from my kitchen escapades hours earlier. So it wasn’t a dream. Well I guess that would explain the orange cheesy finger smears on my t-shirt. Maybe next time I should just stick with the apple.

5 thoughts on “Sleep walking has nothing on Low walking

  1. Ugh, those type of lows are the worst. I give you credit for listening to that rational voice that kept chiming in though – because it's so easy to just ignore it! I probably would've gone ahead and eaten the ice cream, not caring that I'd end up way too high later.


  2. Yuck! I hate those, it does feel like something just takes control and drives you to eat EVERYTHING that your eyes land on. My last bad one like this I ate 2 pieces of licorice, 3 huge brownies and a thing of fruit snacks. As low as I was I'm amazed I'm able to remember I ate all of that. I definitely paid for it later in the evening. It was awful.


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