100th Post, 100 Days

I was racking my brain for what this post should be about, it seems that my diabetes has been operating in the background lately. It’s been humming along at a pretty steady tone, no blaring alarms to garner attention and a blog post. I’m not complaining, it’s nice to not have it be constantly on my mind.

I was staring at my posts when I noticed a number, this is my 100th blog post. I felt that it warranted some sort of recognition. A number that can be celebrated.

At first I thought of doing some kind of list, you know the “Top 100” type of lists. But I was having trouble either thinking of 100 or the list wasn’t very exciting…

100 names that I’ve called my glucose meter:
1. pokey
2. meter
3. that damn thing
4. thingamajig
5. blood sucker
6. glucose gizmo
7. Dracula
8. the pricker

100 places where I’ve gotten a low blood sugar:
1. in the car
2. at my house
3. at school
4. at work
5. on the tennis court
6. walking down the street
7. while at the gym
8. at the movies
9. in my bed

This list would probably be well over 100…

100 things others have asked or told me about my diabetes
1. so you can’t have sugar?
2. That’s the bad kind, right?
3. Can you eat that?
4. Can’t you just take that pill?
5. A raw foods diet can cure diabetes
6. Don’t worry, that won’t happen to you, your diabetes is controlled

Instead, I decided on “100th Post, 100 Days.”  This post is dedicated to a glimpse of what 100 days of diabetes looks like for me. While I can’t quantify every experience, every emotion and feeling, and every minute living with diabetes, here’s what 100 days does mean for me:

  • 34 set changes. That means filling my insulin pump with insulin and inserting it into my stomach 34 times.
  • 10 sensor changes. I’ve been getting roughly 10-12 days out of my Dexcom CGM sensor, so I will have reinserted it under my skin around 10 times.
  • At least 300 finger pokes, although likely many more. This is assuming I test my blood sugar using my finger 3 times a day, but some days I test many more.
  • A conservative estimate of 70 packs of fruit snacks. I don’t go low every day, but there are times when I go low 3 times in one day, so 70 seemed like an accurate estimate.  But whether that number is closer to 50 or 80, it’s still a lot of packs of fruit snacks!
  • Around 9 vials of insulin
  • Roughly 50 interrupted nights of sleep with a beeping CGM indicating low and high blood sugars
  • Hundreds of dollars spent on supplies and doctor visits…after insurance
  • One visit with my endocrinologist
  • reading tons of blog posts in the DOC, filled with laughter, tears, frustrations,  and triumphs and around 14 of my own blog posts

So here’s to 100 blog posts! 100 posts providing a window into these last 14 months with diabetes. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’v enjoyed writing and sharing them.

One thought on “100th Post, 100 Days

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post. And what a fun idea to count some of the many things you have to do to take care of yourself in 100 days. Too bad that counting those things is more fun than actually doing them. Cheers and onwards to another 100 posts!


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