Hurry up and wait

My new medtronic 670G insulin pump is sitting in a box in my living room. It’s finally here.

When I first decided to upgrade to the new pump, it was around January and they told me that I should have it in spring. Well come May, I got a phone call that the process would start, but still no pump. They told me early summer. So I waited. In June I got another call, 3-5 weeks they said. So I waited some more. And finally, mid July, it’s in my possession. But now I have to wait to be trained on it before I can use it, so there is sits in my living room, still waiting to be used.

I should be elated, but instead, I feel like the Grinch on Christmas morning. I don’t know when I became so pessimistic, so skeptical. It’s partly my fault. I got caught up in the hype, after all it’s the “world’s first hybrid closed-loop system.” There were articles calling it the “first artificial pancreas” a “game-changer device.” It must be something great!

But I’ve been so utterly disappointed and frustrated by the 630G that my expectations are now very low for this new pump. And the mixed reviews that are starting to trickle in from people using the 670G doesn’t instill a ton of confidence. But don’t be mistaken, I am still excited and feel very fortunate to be able to use this pump. I just want to be honest with how I’m feeling. And with low expectations, I sincerely hope that my new pump far surpasses them. I hope I’m proven wrong and can come back and write how much I enjoy the new pump and the positive difference it’s making. I really really do.

So back to the waiting. On the plus side, gives me a bit more time to work on my pre-bolusing.


4 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait

    • It’s more the sensor that I’m having a lot of trouble with. Just with it being very inaccurate to the point where it will say my levels are within range and I’ll test my finger and it will be high enough to need a correction, many sensors failing in a couple days or right after being inserted. The pump itself is fine, I don’t love all the extra screens and clicks you have to go through and that you can never completely put an alarm on vibrate unless you completely silence it and turn it off. If the 670g sensor is more consistent and accurate and lasts, I’ll be happy.


      • We all have such different experiences. I’m sorry that yours isn’t good. My sensors have been amazing and are nearly always within 10 mg/dl of each other. I’ve even gotten 11 days out of one! I really hope you can get them to work better for you. All I know is that calibrating correctly with stable BGs only is very important, never with active insulin! And if they’re still bad when you calibrate correctly, then I’d call Medtronic every time and ask for a replacement sensor 🙂


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