What does the way you wear your insulin pump say about you?

(Please note, all these descriptions are completely fictional and not based on any evidence besides my own imagination. That being said, enjoy!)

 The Black Box

img_3762You like a little mystery in your life. It’s not that you don’t put yourself out there, but you tend to initially hold back details and information until you feel comfortable in a situation. You like to play your cards close to your chest and it sometimes takes you time to open up. You think before you act and don’t like to rush into decisions. Your friends know they can always trust and depend on you.


The Peek-a-Boo


You tend to be a cautiously optimistic person. You’re someone who might spontaneously book a trip to Europe but then research all the places you want to visit and where to stay. You like to try new things, but prefer to have a buddy to do them with. Your friends can count on you for a good time, while also knowing you’ll have their back.



The Loose Thread


You’re someone who’s full of surprises. People may misjudge or underestimate you, but you prove them wrong. Or they think they know you, and you do something unexpected. You’re not afraid to be unique. You’re someone who likes to look for creative solutions or view issues from different perspectives.





The Exhibitor

img_3765You’re not afraid to put yourself out there. You’re open to new experiences and aren’t afraid to get uncomfortable. When you talk, people listen and respect what you have to say. You live boldly, and are ready for what life throws your way, the good and the bad. You like to keep busy and enjoy the company of others.





The Dangler

0d541d06-94d0-4caf-8ff4-2626ec2161d2You live life on the edge. You know that life is messy and things don’t always work out the way you plan, but you’re willing to take risks and put yourself out there. You’ve made mistakes, but you’ve also learned from them. You’re cool under pressure and like to go with the flow. You’re always looking for your next adventure.





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