Background: If you aren’t familiar with the meme #FirstWorldProblems, here’s an explanation I found that pretty much sums it up:

First World Problems are frustrations and complaints that are only experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries. It is typically used as a tongue-in-cheek comedic device to make light of trivial inconveniences.”

You can check out some examples on twitter.

Anyway, it got me thinking about some privileged inconveniences related to Type 1 Diabetes. With so many very real obstacles and challenges to deal with everyday, it is nice every once in awhile to try to see the more trivial problems and the comedic side of dealing with diabetes as well. Although I must admit, it was pretty hard to think of these.

 If you have any that you’d like to add, I’d love to hear them!

The store only has the generic glucose tablets left #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My new pink CGM clashes with my colored case #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

This packet of fruit snacks for my low doesn’t have any of my favorite flavors in it #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

I bolused for those chips but now I don’t feel like eating them #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My friend thinks all these people are calling me when my purse vibrates, but really I have no messages and its just my CGM going off #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My infusion set tape leaves funky tan lines when I’m tanning #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My CGM is going off in the other room, but I don’t want to get out of bed to read it #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My glucose meter isn’t backlit so I can’t read it in the dark #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

They were out of pink colored infusion sets, so I had to order blue #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

The free drinks at this event are all regular and not diet #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

I have all these free glucose meters but they all use a different brand of test strips #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

When people ask if my insulin pump is a pager, I feel like I seem outdated and behind the times #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My lulu lemon yoga pants don’t have pockets for my pump #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My outlet is full and I can’t charge my glucose meter, CGM, iPhone, and laptop all at the same time #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My CGM doesn’t have a tone that I like #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

The sugar-free option tastes bad #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

I always end up with more syringes than infusion sets at the end of the month and have to change my order the next time #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

There are 1000 diabetes related apps for droids but only 600 for iOS #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

The coffee shop is out of Splenda #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

All my diabetes devices wont fit in the clutch that matches my outfit #FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

My insulin pump is only dunk proof and not water proof

8 thoughts on “#FirstWorldDiabetesProblems

  1. those are great!
    My (current one) would be:

    The large-chain-doughnut-place currently running a promotion can't tell me how many carbs is in that one doughnut.


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