A sticky situation

“I am rubber, you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if some things did stick though? (Mean words excluded).

Sticky generally isn’t a term that I would use to describe humans, yet the ability for foreign objects to stick to my body has become a very important aspect of my life. Nothing is worse than spending the time to fill, insert, and adhere a pump infusion set or sensor to your body only to have it fall off before its time because the tape failed to do its job…to stick.

Shortly after starting on my CGM, I invested in some heavy duty tape to put over the sensor so that it would stick longer. I had that roll of tape for close to 2 years before it finally ran out. And for the most part it was great, it definitely allowed my sensor to stay attached to my body longer. However, after some time, the tape would really start to itch! And the only way to get relief was eventually ripping the tape and subsequently the sensor off. And then often I’d have a rash around where the tape was for a few days. While in hindsight I realize I didn’t really need to finish the roll before getting something new, I did anyways.

IMG_9557This time around I did my research and found a tape that would hold, but wouldn’t cause a rash. I read countless websites and blogs and finally found one that I thought would work. It’s made from a fabric material and coated with hypoallergenic adhesive. The tape is called Hypafix. I have to say all in all, I’m super impressed with it.


  • It sticks! It’s been holding just as long as my old tape if not longer, lasting in the 2 week range.
  • Feels good. It’s super soft and flexible.
  • Less rashes. I’m not getting the same kinds of rashes. I admit it still does itch after some time, but it’s not as bad and isn’t leaving a lasting rash.
  • Easy removal. I’m able to remove the piece of tape from over my sensor without pulling the sensor tape off too. This allows me to replace the tape more easily.


  • Slow drying. Since it’s fabric, after a shower it stays wet longer and occasionally I find a wet spot on my shirt from pressing against the tape.
  • Still itches. See above about still being a little itchy. But usually it happens around the time that I should be replacing the sensor anyways.

So yay for new tape!

Continuing with the theme of sticky things…I decided that my CGM and sensor could use a new look. I’ve always really loved the idea of Pump Peelz, awesome adhesive covers for insulin pumps and other diabetes accessories. They come in tons of different designs, it was hard to choose just one! I still want to get one for my pump too! I have to say, I definitely enjoy looking at my CGM a little more now (even when I don’t like the number I see).


4 thoughts on “A sticky situation

  1. I have been a PWD for 42 years, used a pump for 14 years and have never seen the Pump Pleez products. Love them for the CGM transmitter.

    I want you to know that I added this to the TUDiaebtes blog page. Have you tired Opsite FLex Fix tape? I have found it sticks very well with little minimal irritation.


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