The time has come

Sometimes it’s so much easier to give advice than to take your own. I know how important it is to be your own health advocate, to stand up for yourself when you aren’t receiving the care and treatment you deserve. I know how important it is to ask questions, be involved, and make sure you are heard when you see your doctor. I know these things, I tell others these things, but it’s time I practice what I preach.

I’ve been going to the same endo office for about 8 years. However, over the past couple years, I’ve had some truly horrible visits at that office with the staff, the doctors, and just the overall experience. Each time something went wrong, I would give some excuse on their behalf. “They aren’t normally like this.” “They seemed really sorry.” “They promised it wouldn’t happen again.” My family and friends told me to find a new doctor. “But they know my history.” “It’s so close though.” But enough is enough. It’s time to demand the treatment, respect, and courtesy that I deserve as a patient and a person.

I’m leaving my endocrinologist.

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about the switch. Even if my new endo has my old charts, she doesn’t know my story, my struggles, my successes. She doesn’t know me. When my new endo opens up my chart and sees my numbers, my history of my A1cs, my biometrics and glucose graphs, this is what I want her to know:

Those A1c’s, they’re not the best, I know that. I have room for improvement. But they’re not awful either. And man did it take some work to get them to where they are! I try really hard, even if those numbers don’t show that. I wear my CGM almost every day. I check my finger too throughout the day.  I try my best to carb count accurately and give insulin on time. Yes, I slip up. I’m off in my counts or I wait too long after eating to give insulin, but these are things that I’m constantly working on.

Doc, I care about my health. I get my blood work done, I see my eye doctor. I try to eat healthy. I exercise 5-6 days a week. I get enough sleep. But I’m scared by the statistics. I know about potential future complications. I know that when I’m ready, that I can become pregnant and have a healthy baby, but that it will take work and vigilance. I’m here because I care. I’m not non-compliant, I’m not uncontrolled.

I want you to understand me. I want you to work with me. I want you to help me.

I’m ready to close the door on one doctor and open it for another. I’m ready for a doctor and an office that cares. I’m ready for this change. I hope that the switch will be worth it.

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