Spooky Diabetes Moments

It’s Halloween! A day of spooky, scary fun! In honor of Halloween, here’s a list of spooky and slightly scary diabetes moments!

Phantom Buzzing. You feel your pump vibrate, but when you check to see what caused it, there’s no explanation and it didn’t actually vibrate. Spoooooky.

The Dead Zone. When you ignore the first signs of a low battery and then all the sudden your pump shuts down. Quick, where are those extra batteries?!

The Demon Drop. When your blood sugar is dropping super rapidly. Think triple arrows down! Ahhhh!

The Ghosting Glucose. When you think you have something with you to treat your low, but then you check all your pockets and they’ve somehow disappeared!

The Vampire Bite. That sharp pain you sometimes get when you insert your infusion set or sensor. Ouch!

The Morning Zombie. How you feel after a night of constantly being woken up from alarming pumps or CGMs for high or low blood sugars or calibrations. I just want to sleeeeeep.

The Witch’s Spell. Forget eye of newt and toe of frog. You want a complicated spell? Try a calculating a dual bolus for pizza with a high blood sugar trending down and active insulin on board.

The Mummy Wrap. When you poke your finger to check your blood sugar and it just won’t stop bleeding so you wrap a tissue around it a few times to stop the blood.

The Dagger Spike. That sudden sharp spike in your blood sugar, the one that keeps rising even though you bolused and gave insulin. Please come down already!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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